Education, Elvis Style (Part 2)

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Back in the early 1990s, while finishing up high school, I spent all of the gift money I received for graduation on three Elvis items. My way of thinking was, what better way to further my education?

Here are some of the things I’ve learned from those items.

Elvis Today CD

  • About Elvis: Just because the record company actually bothered to print the lyrics in the liner notes of an Elvis CD doesn’t mean they always used the right words.
  • About life: Hold on to the most important pieces of your life, or they may soon be gone.

ELVIS: His Life From A to Z book

  • About Elvis: His favorite board games were Monopoly and Scrabble. He played Monopoly with the Beatles when they met in 1965.
  • About life: If an entire 620-page encyclopedia can be devoted to your life, you’ve hit the big time.

ELVIS: The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll-The Complete 50s Masters 5-CD set

  • About Elvis: He played electric bass on 1957’s “Baby, I Don’t Care.”
  • About life: Life can change at a moment’s notice, sometimes due to our actions (paying to record a demonstration record) and other times due to circumstances beyond our control (being drafted into the US Army).

No need to send me any gifts now, though, folks. My graduation from studying Elvis and life won’t be for some while, I hope.

2 thoughts on “Education, Elvis Style (Part 2)

  1. I think there’s a lot that Elvis can teach.

    Like don’t put up artifical barriers like ethnicity and genres

    Be passionate and creative – and true to yourself

    and even cautionary tales

    of planning for the future, maintaining control over your career and finances – or hiring proper professionals

    but most of all

    don’t let anyone tell you not to strive to reach goals


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