It’s Official! Elvis On Tour to Rock Almost Every US State!

It is now one hundred percent official. Elvis On Tour: 75th Anniversary Celebration will be appearing in theaters in over 45 US states on July 29. Today, Elvis Presley Enterprises and Fathom Events finally announced a story we’ve been talking about here for nearly two weeks.

From the (poorly worded) press release:

This one night event will feature much of the last film footage shot with Elvis, a specially produced, exclusive retrospective from Priscilla Presley, and never-before-seen Elvis footage. More than 25 numbers spotlighting Elvis Presley’s talent, range and showmanship fill this lively chronicle of his multi-city 1972 series of concerts.”

The event promotes the August 3 Blu-ray and DVD release of the 1972 documentary Elvis On Tour.

To purchase tickets to a theatrical showing in your area, use the link supplied over on this story: Elvis on Tour: 75th Anniversary Celebration in Theaters in July.

Tell every Elvis fan you know about this. We need to get those theaters full, and it’s playing in tons of locations.

Here’s the full list from Participating Theatres – Elvis on Tour: 75th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you to Warner Brothers, Elvis Presley Enterprises, and Fathom Events for making this happen.

See you on the road, with Elvis! Don’t miss it.

Elvis On Tour (1972)

Elvis On Tour (1972)

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[Update 6/19/2010: Here is some information about a European screening of Elvis On Tour, On Tour European Premiere In Belgium With Jerry Schilling.]

6 thoughts on “It’s Official! Elvis On Tour to Rock Almost Every US State!

    • Thanks for writing, Jim. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an Elvis On Tour screening date for Canada.

      The special July 29 showing is produced by Fathom Events. On their website, it states:

      “Currently, Fathom only has rights to show our events in the United States. However, as our network of theatres expands, it is likely we will be in your area. Please check back for a theatre update!”

      If I see anything about Canadian locations being added, I will post it here. I know there are many great Elvis fans in Canada (and around the rest of the world, too).


  1. I really envy you Tygrrius, and all the other fans living in the USA! What a great opportunity to meet other fans, show your support and of course watch one of the best Elvis movies ever on the big screen! Oh how I wish I could be there!

    But I’m looking forward to the next best thing, a report here on The Mystery Train Elvis Blog.


  2. Hello,

    great website, and thanks for all the information and hard work you do!

    I”m in NYC, and my wife and I saw the 7/29 EOT at the movies, and it was sold out in midtown Manhattan. A few fans sitting a few rows away were also saying that other theatres in Manhattan were also sold out for EOT.

    I’ve been searching, but could not find any info. on how did EOT do nationally? I’m sure it was a huge success, and I’m surprised that it was only for one night. I know for sure I would go more than once to watch it. It was amazing seeing the king on the big screen, and the fans were clapping and cheering – it was almost as if we were watching him live!

    Anyway, I was wondering if you had any info. on how the movie fared in terms of box office results.

    Thanks for any help!


    • Hey suprashy, thanks for the nice comments. Just based on what I’ve read around the web, it seems Elvis On Tour was sold out in most theaters. (Of course, the size of the cinema in question is a factor – but no matter what, better than being the only one there).

      I’m not sure if Fathom releases box office results. It’s a little bit different than a standard movie. The reason they are only one day, most of the time, is because that is how their licensing deals are set up. There was a Star Trek Fathom event a couple years ago, though, where they added an extra night due to unexpected demand.

      If I find anything about results, I’ll be sure to post it on the site. Thanks again!


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