“Anyone could lose his heart like me”

Don’t you love when an Elvis song that you previously paid little attention to comes out and smacks you across the forehead? You suddenly realize that it’s a great song. That’s what happened to me just now with 1963’s “Anyone” from the Kissin’ Cousins soundtrack.

I had iTunes on shuffle, using a smart playlist. It was “There Goes My Baby” by the Drifters, then “I Just Call You Mine” by Martina McBride, “Irreplaceable” by Beyoncé, Elvis foolin’ around on “The Cattle Call,” and then, BOOM, “Anyone.”

Why have I never noticed this beautiful song before? I had it rated as a measly two stars. I’ve bumped it up to four.

* * *

My pal Thomas over at the Elvis Today blog seems a little down in his latest post about the forthcoming Follow That Dream Records releases. Up next will be a book and CD combo for 1958’s King Creole.

Unfortunately, the CD contains only previously released material, and misses being comprehensive by leaving out a couple tracks that were available on Hits Like Never Before. After that, there will be a vinyl release capturing highlights from the Classic Albums series version of Good Times.

Cheer up, Thomas. What’s the best thing about FTD? Variety. 1950s releases are few and far between on FTD, and perhaps the King Creole book (and potential sound upgrades) will be good enough to make this underdog a special release.

In the US, I have a slight advantage because I’ll be able to read some of the reviews from around the world before our pre-order period is over.

The other releases we’re waiting for, such as Promised Land, will come eventually. As you said, Elvis On Tour is on the way. We can’t have everything at once now, can we? We don’t want to be spoiled.

2 thoughts on ““Anyone could lose his heart like me”

  1. I agree Tygrrius, 1950’s releases by FTD are far and few between. That’s why it bothers me that when one of them does come along, Ernst Jorgens and the rest of his staff leave out material that should’ve been on the CD (in upgraded form, as you point out). In my book, that’s sloppy work.

    But I hope I’m wrong and this proves to be good enough. I’m sure the book will be fine, but am afraid the price asked will be too high…

    Maybe I’m a bit disappointed because I am spoiled. FTD poors out releases in a tempo that reminds me of RCA’s release schedule in the eary 70’s. But that doesn’t mean we can’t critize their products. And maybe the hectic schedule is the core of the problem: at that speed it’s hard to check and double check the final result and errors will, and do, occur.

    By the way, I agree that “Anyone” is a great song, and I remember playing it for someone I dated in my teens. Don’t know how impressed she was, but I’ve always thought it a little gem, a bit like “Mine” or “Suppose” (also a great one!)

    Thanks for a great Elvis blog, Ty!


    • A slower release schedule by FTD would certainly allow me to buy more of them. As it is, I have to pick and choose. That’s one of the reasons my FTD reviews tend to be positive, for I only buy ones I’m pretty sure I’m going to like. For me, the jury is still out on whether I’ll buy King Creole.

      I’ve only bought two of the book releases so far, The Way It Was and Writing For The King.

      I bought The Way It Was for the CD, because I collect all of the official releases around the That’s The Way It Is event. The book itself was a disappointment, mostly containing screen captures that I could do myself. The session/live data was useful though, as a more detailed companion for this era to the A Life In Music book.

      Writing For The King was another one that I really bought for the Elvis CD, to obtain the previously unreleased 1969 and 1970 live material on it. That one surprised me in that the book turned out to be terrific – my main complaint, even years later, still being that it lacks an index.

      In the case of King Creole, since I already have all of the material on the CD, the book will have to be a real winner if I’m going to buy it – especially at FTD’s book prices. I don’t let it get me down, though. There’s always another FTD release on the horizon.


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