Elvis’ latest single . . . wow!

Thanks to a YouTube link posted on the sidebar of the Elvis Today blog, I just heard the Viva Elvis remix version of “Suspicious Minds” for the first time.

To say the least, it was incredible. Viva Elvis-The Album has now gone from being a release I was mildly interested in to a must-have due to this fantastic, modern-sounding version of “Suspicious Minds.”

Do not take “remix” the wrong way. This is not a sound-effects-filled dance remix like the JXL version of “A Little Less Conversation” (which, incidentally, I loved), but instead is a fresh take on the background to the original vocals – sounding closer to what one might imagine an Elvis song would be like if he recorded in 2010.

The album hits stores in November, though the “Suspicious Minds” single is apparently out in some locations now.

This may be yet another game-changer for the Elvis legacy.

7 thoughts on “Elvis’ latest single . . . wow!

  1. I have to say “WOW” also! It sounds great, and like you point out, very much like how one could imagine an Elvis song would be like if he had recorded it today.


    • I’m hoping that the album will turn out to be more than just the ten songs noted in various places so far, though. Ten songs doesn’t sound like nearly enough – especially considering that it doesn’t even include “Viva Las Vegas” or “Burning Love.” Unless they are saving them for a “Volume II.”


  2. I gotta say I have listened to the “new” “Suspicious Minds” and my first impression was also like wow, but after a couple more listens i realize that it isn’t as wow as i first thought and am hearing the same cheap edit and cut style sound we got on the EOT opening. They did well at the beginning of Suspicious with E’s vocals clear and crisp however toward the end 2:45 mark we can hear slight echo on his voice that sounds more like the original and seemed out of place with the new music and style. Maybe it’s just me maybe not, my wife loves E’s original Suspicious Minds but not this one. Each to there own, I’d probably still buy the Album to support the music or should i say the VOICE of Elvis. Time will tell.


    • Hey Ray, thanks for posting. I noticed the section you’re talking about, starting around 2:23, but I’m pretty sure it’s something they did on purpose – a stylistic type thing. Some modern songs have weird echo/effects added to them like that. As opposed to the bad edit of “Don’t Be Cruel” on Elvis On Tour, where they just blew it.


  3. I love it.

    The stripped down music is great

    Elvis is right out front and his voice seems much more emotional

    his voice is so….it just enfolds you like bedsheets

    in love with Elvis all over again


    • That’s a good point. Unlike most remixes, where a bunch of stuff is added, this does for the most part sound more “stripped down” than the original. The one thing I wish could have been incorporated in some fashion, though, is that strong guitar opening – which to me is as iconic for “Suspicious Minds” as the one for “Don’t Be Cruel.” I suppose it doesn’t fit the new “feel” of this version of the song.


      • Even my spouse was spellbound by the new version.

        I listened to it over and over and I think it’s a different take than the usual single

        It is much more successful to make Elvis fresh and as if recorded today

        than the mid 80’s Guitar Man record was


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