Get well wishes to rhythm guitarist John Wilkinson [Update: Wilkinson home]

ElvisMatters reports that John Wilkinson, who played rhythm guitar from 1969 to 1977 for Elvis, is back in the hospital. Best wishes to John for a speedy recovery and a return home in time for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Read the full article on ElvisMatters: John Wilkinson back in hospital.

[November 28, 2010, UPDATE – Wilkinson is back home:

(A)fter a check-up and some pain relief medications, his doctors told him he was as healthy as could be ‘given the wear and tear and the mileage’. John is enjoying the company of his wife Terry and his two doggies – and like he told us on the phone: ‘a day without Elvis music is a day wasted.’ Even today, 33 years on, John listens to his idol/boss/friend every single day: ‘I loved him then, and I love him now. Some things will never change.'”