Sony releases four new “Suspicious Minds” remixes, tells no one

Sony has quietly released four download-only remixes of “Suspicious Minds” created as part of the Viva Elvis project. These are different remixes than the one appearing on Viva Elvis: The Album.

And by “quietly,” I mean that they basically released them, told no one, and then went about their business. Were it not for a poster over on the For Elvis CD Collectors forum who literally stumbled across them while searching for something else, no one would even know. Not even a mention on Sony’s official Elvis The Music or Viva Elvis sites. Way to go, Sony.

On Amazon US, the four remixes are available at $1.29 each. You would be better served, however, to just download the entire “album” of four songs for a total of $1.99. That’s some funky pricing.

As such modernizations go, I prefer the version on Viva Elvis: The Album. These are still interesting, however, and will make nice additions to the rotation on my iPod.

Thank you to GibbersGanfa for letting the Elvis world know. Read GibbersGanfa’s “Brand New Official Suspicious Minds Remix” post on the FECC forum.

5 thoughts on “Sony releases four new “Suspicious Minds” remixes, tells no one

  1. Thanks for reading, PACONE and Laurie. Sony just follows the tradition of botched marketing efforts when it comes to Elvis. The real marketing is left to the fans and word-of-mouth.


  2. Is anyone ever going to wake up at sony and do the right thing by Elvis’ music?, people buy the music if they know it is out there but they (sony) fall way way short when it comes to marketing Elvis, as we all well know.

    Thanks to you guys I will go and have a listen at the new versions and maybe even download them. Tell you what though folks, if you have not already done so make a CD of the Originals of the Viva Elvis Album including the full versions of Memories and Walk Alone and give that a spin instead of the Viva Elvis.

    You’ll appreciate it far more, than the 80’s sounding Viva.

    Cheers and Regards Ray


    • Good post, Ray, and that’s definitely true. It’s fun playing the new ones on Viva Elvis: The Album, but it also shows just how much the originals are still relevant and timeless when you include them as well.

      Though established fans wouldn’t need them, I do wish Sony had included the original versions on the Viva Elvis release for those who are hearing these recordings for the first time.

      There was a 2-disc version in the UK that did just that, and that should have been the standard everywhere. It would have put the new versions within the context of their original Elvis foundations.


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