More lost Christmas songs

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, I thought of a couple more “lost” Christmas songs by Elvis.

  • 1954’s “Just Because” includes the lines: “You caused me to spend all my money, you laughed and called me ol’ Santa Claus” and “There’ll come a time when ol’ Santa, he won’t pay your bills for you.”
  • 1975’s “Susan When She Tried” includes the line, “And it’s bad in December, when they play those Christmas songs.”

See Thomas’ “The Missing Christmas Song” on Elvis Today, which inspired both posts.

3 thoughts on “More lost Christmas songs

  1. do you know a strange thing? It isn’t Christmas, nor can I recall any mentions of Christmas in any Elvis movie…you would have thought the Col would have dribbled at the prospect of El singing all those copyright free ditties against some snow capped mountain scenes… can you think of any El movie that even mention the season??


    • Wow, what a great observation, Jon! I can’t think of any Christmas references in any of his movies right offhand. Anyone else out there know of any?

      I’m sure you’ve heard the oft-repeated story that the Colonel wanted what eventually became the Comeback Special to consist only of Christmas songs. I don’t recall reading of any similar attempts for the movies.

      Thanks for the post.


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