Please pray for Myrna Smith

From ElvisMatters:

We’d like to ask […] all the visitors of this website to please pray for Myrna Smith. This is the latest from her friend Carole: “I just […] found out that hospice at West Hills Hospital has been brought in […]. This means that dialysis treatments have been stopped and Myrna will be slowly weaned of the feeding tube. […] It is just a matter of time, but I think it is best for Myrna. Please keep her in your prayers.”

One thought on “Please pray for Myrna Smith

  1. I woke up to the news of this today, heartbreaking! My thoughts and prayers go out to Myrna and her family, She is a beautiful, talented lady whom all my prayers will be given to in here time of need. As all Elvis fans know when we loose a part of Elvis’ entourage, it’s like loosing a family member. Let’s all pray for this very Sweet Inspiration.


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