Rock to the Jailhouse Rock

Well, Elvis Day is over. Right as midnight approached, I finished watching Jailhouse Rock on Blu. Outside of the concert documentaries, it’s probably my favorite Elvis movie. It looks incredible in high definition. I could almost imagine it was 1957 and I was in the theater. . . .

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched it, and I’d forgotten just how cool Elvis was in Jailhouse Rock. In fact, I would say Jailhouse Rock stands next to the ’68 Comeback and That’s The Way It Is as Elvis at his absolute coolest. I’m gonna have to pick up FTD’s Jailhouse Rock volumes soon.

This was probably his best acting performance, too – though 1958’s King Creole is surely a contender as well. It makes those 1960s formula movies seem all the more disappointing.

It’s been a long day, and I need some sleep. Good night, folks.

“I’d like to shove their conversation. I’m not even sure they were talking English!” –Vince Everett (Jailhouse Rock)

2 thoughts on “Rock to the Jailhouse Rock

  1. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw both Jailhouse Rock and Viva Las Vegas Blu Rays for only $9.95 at JBHiFi (OZ). Have watched Vegas but haven’t seen Jailhouse yet, but after your comments will have to try and slip it in later for a spin, wasn’t that long ago i watched it on DVD..LOL

    I did just watch Kurt Russell in the movie “Elvis”, must say it’s looking dated and i was surprised at the lack of any 68 Special re enactment? I didn’t notice that initially back when originally watched as a kid.

    …..Sleep Tight…..

    “I don’t sound like nobody” (Elvis Presley – 1953)


    • I don’t recall what I paid now, but I picked Jailhouse Rock up as part of an Elvis Blu-ray set with Viva Las Vegas and Elvis On Tour. It was inexpensive, I remember that much. I also picked up the separate “book” edition of Elvis On Tour, since the bundled edition contained only the disc. I remember the book edition costing almost as much as the three movie bundle.

      The main feature of the book that I like is that it includes the full setlists for the filmed concerts – much like FTD’s The Way It Was book. I know the same info is available online, but some information I just like having in tangible, book format. For all my technology, I’m still an old-fashioned guy.

      I remember enjoying Elvis: The Movie (Russell) back in the late 1980s/early 1990s, though the various errors annoyed me. It was certainly better than many of the movies made about him since then.

      It is funny that they left out the ’68 special from the 1979 Elvis: The Movie. Then again, the movie was filmed for the ABC television network, while the Comeback aired on the NBC network. Maybe that’s why they left it out?

      It’s probably a good thing. I wish I could erase images from my mind of Jonathan Rhys Meyers attempting to mimic the ’68 Comeback special Elvis in clips from the 2005 “Elvis” mini-series. Meyers managed to be worse than Rob Youngblood and Don Johnson in his Elvis portrayal.

      I really could use that delete function now on my brain. Never again will I subject myself to that kind of torment, so I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t watch that kind of stuff anymore.

      My favorite portrayal was probably the 1990 “Elvis” TV series on ABC, featuring Michael St. Gerard as a fictionalized Elvis in 1954. That series failed. Oddly, it was probably before its time (and I believe it was competing against The Simpsons in its early heyday). A fictionalized Elvis series probably would have attracted more viewers around the early 2000s.

      I’d probably pick up the Gerard series if it ever hits DVD. Beyond that, I’ll just stick with the real deal.


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