“It’s the music and not the value of the collection that counts”

Thomas over at the Elvis Today blog has a real talent for summing up the experience of being an Elvis fan. In today’s post, “The Truth About Me,” he reflects on when he first became a fan, including a reprint of an article he wrote 21 years ago for a Swedish Elvis fan club.

“During the years me and my other brother have built a record collection that we’re proud [of],” he wrote in 1990. “Not because it includes a lot of valuable editions, but because we think we own most of the stuff released officially by Elvis, and to us it’s the music and not the value of the collection that counts.”

In the end, the music is all that really matters. Whether you are listening on vinyl records, MP3s, cassette tapes, CDs, or even 8-tracks, Elvis is still there. His music is what brings us all together. His music is our shared experience. And no matter what classless jokes or baseless claims people want to lob at him, Elvis always wins in the end because his music pounds through all of that noise and demands to be heard.

“The image is one thing, and a human being is another,” Elvis said in 1972. “It’s very hard to live up to an image.” While the image of Elvis has morphed over the years, the underlying truth of his statement remains. Like Thomas says, you don’t need an expensive collection to explore the music and go beyond the image.

After all, a scratched-up record of seemingly no value can in fact be priceless.

4 thoughts on ““It’s the music and not the value of the collection that counts”

  1. its really so true, the music is what matters. Just listen to it. It still stands up. I hear Elvis every day and its as if he never left. His music is timeless in any format.


    • Hey Fred,

      Thanks for commenting. Elvis Tribute Artists are not my thing, but I checked your site out anyway. It looks like you do a great and respectful job. I particularly like that your video clips included 50s and 60s style performances – as well as the more typical 70s style. Good voice, too.

      Best wishes.



  2. It’s so true! I’ve got alot of memorabillia of Elvis, plus albums, CDs and casettes, and I wouldn’t trade em’ for a million dollars! 34 years and counting and his music still reigns supreme! As Thomas said, they can throw all there negative comments and criticisms out there about our man,but in the end, Elvis’ music and incredible voice puts an end to that. From 54 to 77 young or old, Elvis Presley will always be the King to me, and his loyal fans worldwide!! The music speaks for itself!! TCB……


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