Go behind-the-scenes with Old Yeller in Viva Las Vegas

Filming Viva Las Vegas

Filming Viva Las Vegas

Because it linked to my “Victory in Vegas for Elvis the Jedi Master” post, I recently came across an incredible webpage containing 19 behind-the-scenes photos of Viva Las Vegas. The photos are from the collection of two-time Academy Award-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler. Wexler owned the “Old Yeller III,” a car featured in the Las Vegas Grand Prix race sequence.

One of those images from Tam’s Old Race Car Site is above. The site describes it as, “Three of the most interesting cars involved in the production await instructions at a staging point in the mountains. Old Yeller III and the ‘Vinegaroon’ are joined by a beautiful Ferrari 250GT ‘Tour de France’.”

Really cool stuff! View the full set of images at the “Filming ‘Viva Las Vegas'” page. If you’re a car buff, the entire Tam’s Old Race Car Site is definitely worth checking out as well.

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Image Source
Original image is from the Haskell Wexler Collection, provided by Tam’s Old Race Car Site. Thank you to Jeff Wexler and Tam McPartland for allowing use of this photograph on The Mystery Train Elvis Blog. Please do not reproduce this image without obtaining permission.