Unraveling the Elvis web (Conductor’s Reflections #8)

If you spend much time looking for Elvis information on the web, you unfortunately run into some tasteless things. This is not unique to Elvis, of course. Pick any topic, and someone has put some garbage out there about it. That’s fine. Some people like viewing that kind of stuff. They find it “humorous” or “fun.”

Rather than dwell on that, I want to focus today on some of the sites that really get it right when it comes to Elvis.

Elvis Today Blog: This blog was the first to cover Elvis with a personal perspective. No one does it better.

Elvis Session Notes: I’ve wanted to highlight this recording data section of Oven Egeland’s excellent Elvis In Norway site for quite some time. It may very well be the Elvis reference I use most often. A page exists for every year that Elvis recorded. On each of those pages, every officially released take or live version of every song recorded that year is listed alphabetically. Recording location, date, and first release are listed for each track. Seemingly updated almost as soon as each new release becomes available, it’s obvious that this site is a true labor of love. I consult it all the time, especially to enter track information on my Elvis songs in iTunes. I don’t know Egeland, but I’d like to say thanks for providing this valuable service to Elvis fans.

Scotty Moore – The Official Website: Learn more about both Scotty Moore and Elvis on this well-researched site. Be sure to check out the “Guitars” and “Venues” sections in particular.

For Elvis CD Collectors Forum: Learn about and discuss anything and everything Elvis-related – and beyond. The wealth of information provided by some participants is astounding. [Update: Of course, like any open forum, garbage can appear on FECC as well. I included it here because the good far outweighs the bad.]

Speaking of time, I am once again running out of it. Believe it or not, I actually have two reviews in progress, one for a book and the other for a CD. Whichever I finish first will be my next post. TCB.

7 thoughts on “Unraveling the Elvis web (Conductor’s Reflections #8)

  1. I there!…it has been a while since last time I wrote to you…completely agree with you..the list of sites you recommend are right…may I had one?…ElvisLatino…try it and you’ll become a fan of it…the only limitation is that it’s in spanish, it means you’ll have to learn it!…Happy search and
    have a nice day everybody!


  2. Totally agree with your list apart from the last site you recommend. Some of the most tasteless comments about Elvis Presley, his music and his fans I happened to find on the Elvis CD collectors forum. Sad but true. […] That’s why I prefer blogs like yours and the Today blog these days. There is much more knowledge and they are written in style.



    • I at first hesitated spotlighting a forum link (any forum), simply because, like you said, you can certainly run across garbage there from time-to-time as well. This is true of every forum I’ve ever visited about any topic, Elvis or otherwise. However, I feel the good outweighs the bad to a large enough extent at FECC that I wanted to include it. Omitting it would leave out a key place where I learn about Elvis. Like those other forums, FECC has many passionate personalities that sometimes clash, but the world would be quite boring if everyone always agreed. Thanks for the nice comments.


  3. Ty, I don’t like to spoil your blog. Nevertheless, I have to insist that what happens at the Elvis Collectors Board is not simply a clash of personalities. A certain well known member of the board – whose nick name you deleted in my original post – is well known for being rude to anyone when he/she is not of his opinion. That he is allowed to do so, does not speak for the moderators of the board. I do know quite a few fans that don’t visit the board anymore for that very reason. But in the end, who cares? Boards like the FECC don’t have a future in Elvis fandom on the long run… Most people tire quickly of egomaniacs on boards ;-).



    • Hey John, looks like we simply disagree about FECC. But like I said, if we all agreed all the time, we’d be bored to death. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.


  4. I completely agree with your listings. There are so many Elvis sites it can get a bit overwhelming.

    A site I’d recommend for “Tips To Help You Buy Authentic Elvis Memorabilia” is Sean O’Neal’s Elvis Presley Blvd http://www.elvispresleyblvd.com. Sean’s site is a good source to learn and share information about the counterfeiting and reproducing of vintage Elvis memorabilia that goes on today. Unfortunately I learned an expensive lesson when I purchased a reproduction of the 1963 Calendar with Santa and Snowman on back. Both the repro and an authentic calendar are on Sean’s site. Sean is currently working out a few bugs. If you experience any difficulties, contact Sean.


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