Elvis Trivialities #1

Good morning, fellow fans, and welcome to the first edition of Elvis Trivialities. Your question is:

Who said the following?

I remember going out and buying the album, From Memphis To Vegas, which included [a song I wrote]. I brought it home, played it and I was blown away. It thrilled me to death. I thought, I guess I’m a better writer than I thought I was. His version is my favorite, even more than mine. I was just a fan of Elvis, that’s all.”

First one to post the correct answer in the comments below wins an exclusive, limited edition set of bragging rights. If no one gets it, that means I get to keep this set for myself.

7 thoughts on “Elvis Trivialities #1

  1. Thanks for playing, everyone. It’s not Eddie Rabbitt, Mac Davis, or Bob Dylan, so the question is still open, with bragging rights on the line.


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