Hey Sony, isn’t it about time for an Elvis On Tour boxed set?

I started to do this in reply to Mike Hermenet’s comment on my Trilogy post, but decided to make a new post about it instead.

Though the 40th anniversary of That’s The Way It Is in 2010 essentially went unobserved by both the main Sony label and its Follow That Dream collectors label, I’m with Mike in hoping that the 40th anniversary of 1972’s Elvis On Tour will capture Sony’s imagination in 2012.

Elvis On Tour deserves a 3-CD treatment on the main label:

Disc 1: April 9, 1972, Evening Show, Hampton Roads, VA
Disc 2: April 10, 1972, Richmond, VA
Disc 3: April 16, 1972, Greensboro, NC

And then, to complement the above, there should be an Elvis On Tour: The Rehearsals – Volume II CD on the FTD label.

Or perhaps swap out one of the concerts from the set and release it on FTD, and put the disc of newly released rehearsals on the main label boxed set instead – since some may find three concerts from the same week to be too repetitive for a mainstream release (who are these imbeciles?).

After last year’s poorly handled Blu-ray release of the film, I’m not holding my breath for Warner Brothers to release anything new as far as Elvis On Tour video footage next year. I hope I’m wrong on that account, though.

There is, at least, some hope for additional audio releases to go with those from the past.

Thanks for commenting, Mike, and for the quick post idea.

7 thoughts on “Hey Sony, isn’t it about time for an Elvis On Tour boxed set?

  1. WOW!!! Can’t believe my comments were the basis for your new article! I’m honored… (-:

    I would certainly hope that ELVIS ON TOUR would receive some type of attention from the main label. But, considering 2012 is also the 40th anniversary of the MADISON SQUARE GARDEN performances, I have a hunch that we’ll be seeing a “Legacy Edition” release from the main label of the original MSG show along with the AFTERNOON IN THE GARDEN album as well. If they do follow through on my hunch, I highly doubt the main label will release concerts recorded during the filming of EOT because of the high amount of repeated material between EOT and MSG.

    Therefore, I am (again) guessing that if EOT is to get some sort of a release in 2012, it will be through the FTD label. If that is the case, then the ideas are wide open…concerts like you outlined in your article, or combinations of concerts and rehearsal material. Any of it will, of course, be more than welcomed by Elvis fans.

    What would, of course, blow the socks off of Elvis fans would be to get some unreleased video footage from the filming of EOT…but like you said, I highly doubt we’ll see any of that…at least officially!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN for using my comments for your new article! I really appreciate it my friend!!



    • Hey Mike, can you imagine… a 5 CD set, the 1972 equivalent of Young Man With The Big Beat, containing the 3 CDs I mentioned above, plus the two Garden shows to round out the other 2 CDs? Call it A Prince From Another Planet.

      Then, the Garden shows could be a Legacy Edition as a separate release as well (much like the Elvis Presley Legacy Edition is to the 1956 boxed set).

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, Mike. The Mystery Train is nothing without people to read it.


      • Definitely some great ideas to kick around on what Sony & FTD could do with the EOT and MSG material, that’s for sure!! It will be most interesting to see what they do…hopefully it won’t be a letdown for fans. Let’s hope that the YOUNG MAN box set being released on the main label is a good sign of things to come in the future, especially for the EOT stuff!!

        You are very welcome my friend…if it weren’t for your fantastic articles, I wouldn’t be such an avid reader and fan!! Have a HAPPY 4th of July my friend and enjoy the day off!! (-:



  2. Here’s hoping for boxed sets of

    the Madison Square shows
    Houston Astrodome show
    On Tour
    That’s The Way it Is
    Elvis in Concert

    amybe even themed sets – the Spring Tours – with 1 cd of a concert from each spring tour, with winter, summer and fall.

    maybe Xmas and New Years with Elvis of all the recorded Dec 25 and 31 shows

    Although a boxed set of all 50’s concert recordings would be amazing too


    • December 25 shows? Hmm…that would be home recordings from various Christmas Days at Graceland? That would be something to hear all right….


  3. well, as close to December 25

    I recall seeing an image of Elvis at the piano at Graceland, with Priscilla holding a 2 year old or so Lisa and a microphone

    that would be a recording I’d love to hear, Elvis singing to his baby girl


    • Yes, someone could make a mint if they have that one in their attic somewhere.

      I remember one of the various movies about Elvis doing a scene similar to that. Maybe singing “Sweet Caroline” to Lisa Marie? I can’t remember which movie that was now, though. Might have been the Kurt Russell version.


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