Thomas triumphs over Elvis Trivialities #3

Thomas correctly answered Elvis Trivialities #3. With a response time of five hours and twenty-six minutes, he becomes the latest member of The Mystery Train’s Night Riders and the proud new owner of a set of bragging rights.

And the answer is…

Having Fun With Elvis On Stage is the RCA album released during his lifetime on which Elvis quotes legendary Looney Tunes character Porky Pig (“…that’s all folks”).

RCA released this “talking album only” in October of 1974. Some people consider it to be Elvis’ worst album. These people obviously have never heard Roustabout.

Congratulations to Thomas!

The Mystery Train’s Night Riders

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12 thoughts on “Thomas triumphs over Elvis Trivialities #3

  1. Why does everybody rag on “Roustabout” music? Sure, it’s ‘movie music’ but it’s charming with some gems – ‘It’s a Wonderful World’, ‘Big Love…’. And the title track, for me, typifies the entire essence and spirit of his movie career – it says ‘I’m free, no responsibilities and ready for kicks’. BTW, how did the album do on the charts? Pretty good, I think. (Although the film “Double Trouble” made money,too, so…)


    • Hey Wellsy, thanks for joining in. I just used Roustabout as a token example of what I consider a bad movie soundtrack album. I might have just as easily said Girl Happy or a couple of others.

      As for Roustabout, I find “Poison Ivy League,” “Big Love, Big Heartache,” “It’s Carnival Time,” “Carny Town,” and “Wheels On My Heels” to be among the worst songs he ever recorded. But then, I’m a fan of “Old MacDonald,” so go figure.

      Roustabout went to number one on the charts. From Elvis In Memphis went to number thirteen. That speaks volumes for the value of the charts. They are but one indicator of the quality of a release.

      In the end, though, we like what we like – or dislike what we dislike, as the case may be.

      That’s the great thing about Elvis – there’s so much for all of us, all different tastes.


  2. It’s funny with King – you know the song is ‘bad’ but you love it. And I shouldn’t have mentioned the charts – lots of deplorable artists and songs have enjoyed chart success. Also, it’s funny – Sinatra records “Old MacDonald” and nobody says boo. You’re right about liking what we like – I love “Live a Little, Love a Little” and “Song of the Shrimp” (it’s been in my head all day).


    • That’s exactly right. I listen to lots of songs by Elvis that I can’t imagine sitting through with other performers, even ones I like a lot. There was just something about him, he could deliver – even on substandard material.

      I enjoy Live A Little, Love A Little as well. It’s a little psychedelic and campy at times, but it’s a fun movie. I always like the ones that are a little different from the others.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment, Wellsy. Welcome aboard the Mystery Train!


  3. I have to agree with you, guys! Only Elvis could pull so many inferior songs off, and make them sound good. As for me, I’ve always had a soft spot for “Hey, Hey, Hey”, and I know it’s a song many hate. In the movie (Clambake) it doesn’t work that well, but on record I like it a lot, even though the lyrics are silly to say the least! Speaking of “I like it a lot”, that was one of my very first blog posts, dealing with one of my favorite movies with Elvis, guess which
    one: I hope I’m forgiven linking to my own blog, but with my new set of bragging rights I saw an opening, so…

    Thanks for a great ride on the Mystery Train, I’m not getting off anytime soon!


    • Thomas, you know your links are always welcome here. I think our two blogs cross-promote so often that people don’t know where they are half the time.

      Actually, though, you bring up a good point, and it’s something I don’t think I’ve really addressed. I don’t mind at all if anyone wants to link to their Elvis sites and stuff in the comments – as long as they also post some kind of relevant comment.

      That offer doesn’t apply to all you folks with the money-making scheme sites. I’ll continue to keep you all out – sorry!


  4. “Hey, Hey, Hey” is an awesome tune. You know, so many songs were written to fit in to the plot of the movie – take them out of that context and, yeah, they seem dumb. Doesn’t mean they’re not cool. Sometimes I try to imagine the songs with different lyrics. And also, it’s easy to hate “The Walls Have Ears” because it was recorded by the same guy that recorded “Too Much” and “My Baby Left Me”. The soundtracks get a bad rep for MANY reasons and one of them is that they were made by the same guy that set the world on it’s ear on “The Milton Berle Show”.


    • I think the main reason the soundtracks get a bad rep is that 75% of the material on most of them is bad. I get your point about fitting situationally with the plot, but if you are going to release them on an album, then they should be able to stand on their own merits without the visual aid. Otherwise, just leave them in the film.


  5. You’re right – again. If you’re making a movie, record the song that moves your plot along but don’t put it on the record. Think about “Paradise, Hawaiian Style”, featuring “A Dog’s Life” and “House of Sand”, being released the same month as Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” or The Mothers of Invention’s “Freak Out”. Consider how Brian Wilson built “Pet Sounds” and compare to RCA building albums with songs like “Petunia, the Gardener’s Daughter” and “Smorgasbord”.


    • Talk about inconsistent… the horrible “A Dog’s Life” and the sublime “This Is My Heaven” were on the same album! “Petunia, The Gardener’s Daughter” was on the same album as “Hard Luck.” “Smorgasbord” was on the same album as “All That I Am” … etc., etc., etc. At least those hidden gems were there, to help us get through the rest of it.


  6. Bang on you are again! I’m telling you – Hidden Gems should be next from FTD. Think about the great movie songs buried: heard today “Relax” from “World’s Fair”, “So Close, Yet So Far”, “City By Night”, “Young Dreams”, “I Got Lucky”…….”Hard Luck”! Thank you!! Is that solid or what?


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