2011 Emmy Awards to include tribute to 1968’s ELVIS special

2011’s Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards will include a brief tribute to the 1968 ELVIS television special (“Emmy Awards Special Tribute to Elvis Presley’s ’68 Comeback Special” — Elvis.com).

Steve Binder, the ELVIS special’s producer and director, will appear, as will Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ ex-wife. Binder and Presley will also present four awards. The Creative Arts show tapes September 10 for airing September 17 on REELZCHANNEL.

The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards airs live on FOX the following day, September 18. Though the Creative Arts Emmys will be mentioned, this broadcast will likely not include the ELVIS special.

Notably, the ELVIS special failed to receive any Emmy nominations in 1968, though Binder went on to receive nominations for other projects, including a win in 1977 for the Barry Manilow Special.

6 thoughts on “2011 Emmy Awards to include tribute to 1968’s ELVIS special

  1. Well it’s about time!! You did it EL!! It’s a shame that this special never got the awards and praise it deserves, Steve Binder did an amazing job, as did Elvis! Great show! Bring on more awards! Our man deserves it! TCB…..!!


    • Well, it only took them 43 years, huh, George?

      Just to clarify, technically, the ELVIS comeback special is not receiving an award. It is just that the awards show is going to include a tribute to it – whatever that ends up meaning!

      I’m with you, always glad to see some recognition – even if it is a few decades late.


  2. I think it really speaks volumes that Elvis never was given any meaningful accolades in his lifetime for the real artistic body of work that he did

    awards seem to be for the middle of the road pack

    Elvis was beyond leading edge – he was bleeding edge

    even though, he wanted little more than to be middle of the pack, making enough money from doing what he loved to support his family


    • Another interesting thing is that the award that apparently meant the most to him was not related to music – the Jaycees Outstanding Young Man award.

      I’m glad he received his Grammys for his gospel work, but it would have been nice if some of his other nominations had come to fruition. That’s the way it goes, though. Like Ali, Elvis was the “people’s champion.” He didn’t need the awards to prove anything.


  3. You could write a thesis on King’s success and lack of awards. I always think of the forgettable (and forgotten) artists that have won Grammys, etc. King was so huge then and is now, who needs the hardware?


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