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Elvis In A Private MomentI recently picked up an old FTD from the year 2000, one of their first releases. The CD is called In A Private Moment. It contains home recordings from 1959-1966. I played it for the first time today and listened to what has to be the weirdest Elvis song I’ve heard to this point. Which is saying something, because I’ve heard some pretty strange stuff over the years.

It’s track 13, “Moonlight Sonata.” While someone plays the Beethoven piece on the piano, Elvis and others accompany with various vocal tones: “Duhhhh duhhhh duhhhhhh….”

At first, I was tempted to just skip to the next track, but then it became oddly compelling.

I could actually imagine this somber, dark track being used as mood music during a horror movie. Maybe an Elvis-themed horror movie that includes both “Cotton Candy Land” and “Moonlight Sonata”?

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  1. Regarding Cotton Candy Land. Many years ago an English writer called Michael Gray wrote a very approving book on Dylan called Song And Dance Man. He stated that Dylan had taken some of the lyrics from Candy Land for one of his songs. It may have even been Tambourine Man. Unfortunately, my memory is vague.


    • Interesting! After your comment, I looked up “Cotton Candy Land” and “Bob Dylan” on Google, and wouldn’t you know it, I find a Bob Dylan Encyclopedia entry on Elvis written by … Michael Gray!


      “In the much later Elvis song ‘Cotton Candy Land’ there is the line ‘We’ll ride upon a big white swan’; Dylan’s knowingly gauche ‘Country Pie’ amends it to ‘Saddle me up a big white goose!’”

      I’m not familiar with “Country Pie.” I’ll have to check that out. Thanks, Howard.


  2. Hey Ty! Just listened to the Moonlight Sonata song on Utube, very ominous and haunting, one comment on there was, “I felt like something bad was going to happen!” Lol! I kinda liked it, it was almost if he was warming up his vocals with the melody. Thanks Ty! Great post!! TCB!!


    • You’re right, it does sound much like a warm-up. Poor Elvis – he never could have imagined fans would ever hear this… much less be speculating about it 45 years later.


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