Shoppin’ Around: Elvis Presley 2011 Christmas Gift Guide

For those of you that know and love an Elvis fan, here are some Christmas gift ideas that suit a wide variety of budgets. Price ranges listed are in US dollars, but most of these items are available around the world.

Under $10

The Elvis Today Blog (book): By relating his personal experiences, author Thomas Melin crafts a unique volume that follows the triumphs and trials of being an Elvis fan in the post-1977 era (Read full review). Available from Blurb.

Treat Me Nice (book, Kindle edition):Treat Me Nice argues that Elvis and the Frankenstein Creature were condemned to self-destruction because they both horrified their creators,” states an intriguing marketing excerpt for this book by Howard Jackson (not yet reviewed). Available from Amazon. Also available in traditional book format.

That’s Alright, Elvis (book, 2011 Kindle edition): Long out-of-print, the autobiography of Scotty Moore is now available on Kindle from Amazon (not yet reviewed).

Under $20

Elvis Is Back! (2-CD set, 2011 Legacy Edition): This release contains 1960’s Elvis Is Back! and 1961’s Elvis For Everyone. Elvis is in top form here, and these recordings have never sounded better. A few bonus tracks are also included on each disc, from the same time period. Recommended for intermediate fans who are just beginning to explore Elvis beyond the typical greatest hits collections. Strong fans will already have this material.

Elvis: The Great Performances (2-DVD set, 2011 reissue): This set covers his life and career. The two volumes (Center Stage and The Man & His Music) are 1990 documentaries that updated 1981’s This Is Elvis. Though much ground is covered, watching the set often feels repetitive. Recommended for casual fans only. A modern documentary of Elvis is sorely needed.

Under $30

Elvis Sings Guitar Man (2011, booklet cover)

Elvis Sings Guitar Man (2-CD set): Strong fans will enjoy this release from the Follow That Dream collectors label. This is a unique album, compiling 1966-1967 masters and alternates to better document an important timeframe in Elvis’ career. A highlight is hearing him in the studio with Jerry Reed (Read full review). Find FTD releases at and other online Elvis stores.

Live In Vegas (2011)Live In Vegas: August 26, 1969 Dinner Show (CD): Another FTD release that every strong fan should have, this one showcases Elvis Presley at his best on stage in a sound presentation that is richly mastered and crystal clear.

Forty-Eight Hours To Memphis (2011)Forty-Eight Hours To Memphis: Recorded Live On Stage In Richmond, Virginia – March 18, 1974 (CD): At the Richmond Coliseum, Elvis proves he is still on top in this FTD release. Highlights of this newly discovered professional recording include “Steamroller Blues,” “Polk Salad Annie,” and the “Rock Medley” (Read full review).

Around $100

Young Man With The Big Beat: The Complete 1956 Elvis Presley Masters (5-CD set): For strong fans, the main draw of this beautifully designed, deluxe package from Sony is the first-ever release of Elvis’ final Louisiana Hayride appearance from December 1956. The concert is spectacular. For those fans who do not wish to purchase the entire set for just a few tracks, Sony has also made the tracks available for individual purchase and download. That means you can buy the Hayride show for only $10. No need to go with an unauthorized version on this one. For intermediate fans who do not yet have the other tracks, there is even more to enjoy.

Good luck with your Christmas shopping. Feel free to comment below on any other Elvis goodies you may find along the way.

9 thoughts on “Shoppin’ Around: Elvis Presley 2011 Christmas Gift Guide

  1. Thank you so much for including my book, Ty! I’d like to add the FTD version of He Touched Me as a Christmas gift idea, it’s a release that offers a fascinating insight into how Elvis recorded his last religious album.


    • You’re welcome, Thomas. Nice idea about He Touched Me. I lost sight of that one in all of my Richmond hoopla.

      There have been so many wonderful FTDs this year. Not released yet (at least here), but surely to be among the best ever are the forthcoming Promised Land and Elvis Sings The Wonderful World of Christmas FTD CDs as well. I’m sure hoping that last one makes it to me by Christmas. Looks like it might.


  2. Thanks for mentioning the Kindle version of Treat Me Nice. The book has been reviewed elsewhere if you are interested. Nigel Patterson has provided a detailed and very positive review on Elvis Information Network. Paul Simpson author of The Rough Guide To Elvis has described it as ‘immensely enjoyable and a stimulating read.’
    Young Man With A Big Beat is a marvellous package although expensive. Perhaps those on a tight budget should buy the Legacy edition and then download individual live tracks.
    Your list has definitely got me thinking and I have just been to my bank account to check funds.
    My priority is 48 Hours To Memphis.


    • You’re welcome, Howard. Yes! I meant to mention the Legacy Edition of Elvis Presley, which includes both of his first albums. Thanks for bringing up this value-priced 2-CD set.

      This year has been very tough on the Elvis funds, agreed. Time to start saving for next year. Maybe the ultimate gift for Elvis fans is bank account assistance… ;)


  3. Great job with the list, Ty. It’ll sure come in handy when I’m Christmas shopping this year.

    BTW, not to come out of left field or anything but I was wondering about Elvis’ version of “Silent Night”. He didn’t originally record it (“Elvis’ Christmas Album”) with the “Merry Christmas, folks” intro, did he? In the background it sounds like he’s about to go into “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” – on the “If Every Day Was Like Christmas” version. It sounds screwy to me and I was hoping to score a “Christmas greeting-free” version from iTunes, or somewhere. What’s the story on this?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas, Baby!


    • Thanks, Wellsy. Check out my “Elvis 1967: Season’s Greetings From Elvis” post from December 3 for information on “Silent Night,” “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” and the addition of the Christmas greeting.

      I tend to defer to the “Silent Night” from the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Complete 50s Masters set. The only Elvis Christmas compilation I currently own is If Every Day Was Like Christmas, which of course includes the tacked-on greeting.

      My understanding is that at least some of the more recent compilations have an error on “Silent Night” (without the greeting) where some of the piano intro is missing, but I can’t speak to this since I don’t have them.

      Perhaps next year FTD will present Elvis’ Christmas Album in the Classic Album series, giving us upgraded sound versions of those essential songs, including the full “Silent Night.” I also hope to, at some point, purchase one of the complete Elvis masters sets with the 2007 remasters. I’m sure “Silent Night” is authentic on those releases as well.


  4. You see? This is why I asked you about this – I knew you’d have the skinny for me. I’ve got nobody else to talk to about this stuff!

    “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” box set, of course. Never even thought of that. The “If Every Day..” compilation is great, having all his Christmas recordings – that’s all I’ve got, too.

    Your post from Dec 3rd answers all my questions – thanks again!


  5. This year I actually re-sequenced “If Every Day Was Like Christmas” – going chronologically – and put that ‘made’ CD in the case. Hey, that’s the way I prefer it, so…

    From north of the border, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!


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