Virginia Museum of Fine Arts decks the halls with Elvis December 24

My VMFA Magazine - Elvis Kneeling At The MosqueAlfred Wertheimer’s Elvis Kneeling At The Mosque, taken in Richmond, Virginia, on June 30, 1956, graces the cover of the latest issue of My VMFA magazine. Distributed to Virginia Museum of Fine Arts members, this issue of the magazine promotes the upcoming Elvis At 21 exhibition.

The exhibition, featuring 56 of Wertheimer’s photos, will appear at the VMFA in Richmond December 24, 2011, through March 18, 2012.

In January, the museum will hold three special Elvis events, including a panel discussion with Wertheimer and local Elvis experts on January 20.

3 thoughts on “Virginia Museum of Fine Arts decks the halls with Elvis December 24

  1. Sounds like a great exhibit, Troy! And what a great opportunity to meet Wertheimer in person. Finally I have to ask: Are you one of the local Elvis experts attending that panel discussion?


    • Haha, no! I don’t think the VMFA has me on speed dial for such things just yet. ;)

      I do, however, plan to attend as an audience member if things work out with my schedule.

      The members of the January 20 panel are:

      • Alfred Wertheimer (photographer)
      • S. Marquette Folley (Smithsonian Institution)
      • Tony Booth (Big Oldies 107.3 radio – Richmond)
      • Ron Moody (classic rock ‘n’ roll singer – Richmond)

      In addition to being a DJ on an oldies station, Booth does the occasional music history course and brings Moody in for the Elvis portions. Moody also wrote a nice piece recently about Elvis. Seems like a real fan who will treat him with respect.

      See the VMFA site for full information about the Elvis panel.


  2. There is now an exhibition in Liverpool called Elvis and Us. It is combined with The Beatles Museum. I am going there later this week and will do a review on my blog. Supposedly, it is aimed at American visitors. It will be interesting to see of any of the artefacts from Richmond ever make it into the exhibition in Liverpool.


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