“Elvis Song Of The Year” for 2011

Burning Love (1972)According to iTunes, out of 2,564 Elvis tracks, the one I played most often this year was: “Burning Love,” his 1972 single.

I listened to 10,023 Elvis songs using iTunes or my iPod in 2011 (including duplicates). That’s an average of 27 Elvis songs a day.

Out of 3,225 non-Elvis tracks, my most played song this year was: “Sweet Dreams” by Beyoncé, from her 2008 album I Am… Sasha Fierce.

Overall, I listened to 19,917 songs using iTunes or my iPod this year. That works out to 55 songs a day. My daily average in the last two years was about 44. The increase is probably due to this year having the capability to play my iPod in the car.

When I first started this blog, I mentioned that the soundtrack of my life was powered by Elvis. I’m happy to say, that hasn’t changed.

7 thoughts on ““Elvis Song Of The Year” for 2011

    • Hah, good question! All those stats, and I left that out. I listened to the studio master of “Burning Love” 14 times in 2011… a little over once a month.


    • Thanks, patricia. I’ve been surprised at my “most-played Elvis song” each of the last three years I’ve been tracking it, actually.

      I’m always expecting it to be something obscure, but each time it turned out to be a studio master. For 2009, it was “Power Of My Love,” and for 2010, it was “Any Day Now.”


  1. Don’t know what song I listened to the most this year Ty, but it’s a good bet it was an Elvis song! I’m glad yours was Burnin Love, cause I heard a Remix on Utube that is absolutly Fantastic!

    Burning Love remix

    Thanks Ty! Happy New Year!! TCB…!!!


    • Thanks, George! Other than the studio chatter, the main portion of that remix that you linked to is actually from FTD’s Too Much Monkey Business. This remix was originally done by Felton Jarvis in 1980 for the Guitar Man album, but not used.

      I enjoy good remixes (not as replacements, but as occasional spice), and this is one of the better ones. Sound quality is better on the FTD release than the youtube video (which I guess goes without saying, but I said it anyway).


      • Ty! I don’t have that version! I don’t have ANY FTD releases! I got it confused with another remix! Did like the sound though! Thank you Ty!! Is it Monday?? Lol!!


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