Thomas walks away with Elvis Trivialities #9

Thomas (Elvis Today) has won Elvis Trivialities #9. And the answer is…

Copies of the Elvis album On Stage-February 1970 are being thrown into the audience during the Elvis Presley Appreciation Society convention footage featured in the movie That’s The Way It Is.

On Stage Giveaway At Elvis Convention, Luxembourg, 1970

On Stage Giveaway At Elvis Convention, Luxembourg, 1970

Congratulations to Thomas!

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2 thoughts on “Thomas walks away with Elvis Trivialities #9

  1. Thank you, Ty! I actually pulled out my copy of TTWII and watched the convention. It was a bit tricky as I had to keep my eyes on my15 month old daughter at same time, she couldn’t sit still! :-)

    Anyway, love your trivialities. Keep ’em comin’!


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