Sayaka having fun with Elvis

I don’t normally post links to videos of other people singing Elvis songs. These Sayaka Alessandra videos are just so much fun, though, that I thought you might want to check them out, too.

“Baby, Let’s Play House” (2009) – Sayaka Alessandra

“Return To Sender” (2008) – Sayaka Alessandra

“Cross My Heart And Hope To Die” (2010) – Sayaka Alessandra

“Blue Moon” (2010) – Sayaka Alessandra

That’s what being an Elvis fan is all about! If you enjoyed the above videos as much as I did, you can also hear Sayaka do formal versions of the Elvis songs “That’s All Right” and “You Don’t Know Me” on her album Love Me Light, available on iTunes and Amazon. For more information on Sayaka, check out her site.

[Thank you to Francesca for making me aware of Sayaka.]