Choose Your Elvis Adventure: 600 Seconds (The Edge Of Reality #6)

We’re journeying into an amazing realm whose limits are only that of imagination. Look! There’s the station up ahead. Our next stop… the edge of reality.

The Edge Of Reality

You have discovered a one-of-a-kind audio recorder that captures perfect sound quality.  What sets this device apart from those you can find at your corner electronics store is that it can also travel through time to any moment in the life of one Elvis Presley.

There are two conditions. It can only make one round-trip journey through time, and it can only record for ten minutes.

You hold the audio recorder in your hand now, considering your options. Elvis lived for over 22 million minutes. Which ten do you want to record?

Is it Elvis jamming with the Beatles on August 27, 1965? Is it Elvis singing for the last time at his piano on August 16, 1977? Or maybe some other time in some other place?

Explain what you would record and why in the comments below or by providing a link to a response on your blog or site.

Elvis on the edge of reality

Object known as a recorder, vintage uncertain, origin unknown. This recorder, this one’s unusual, because it happens to be a fact that the recordings that it makes can only be played back on… the edge of reality.

[With apologies to Serling.]

8 thoughts on “Choose Your Elvis Adventure: 600 Seconds (The Edge Of Reality #6)

  1. Ten minutes of the peak of the recording of the ending of Caught in A trap because the incredible band and horns and back-up singers would be live right there with Elvis, and Elvis would be totally wrapped in the moment of the performance – for all of us – and there would be no fade and the song would go to its absolute awe-inspiring total end, and then – nervous chuckles by all around – what did we just do? – it would be heaven on earth –


  2. I am recording, as Elvis walks out on stage at Humes Highschool, It’s April 1953. A chair is in one hand and his guitar in the other, and yes……… he has on a wild outfit. He puts his foot up on the chair, strums the guitar…….and when it was over, an eyewitness says, “The ovation was thunderous and long.” Hopefully……… I record it all!


  3. I want the recorder to be trained on Elvis at the moment when they came and got him out of the theater the night “That’s Alright Mama” was first played on the radio. Love to see his expression at the very first moment when he might have had some inkling that there was a public out there that might actually respond to what was in his head.


  4. October, third, 1945 … To hear a ten year old Elvis sing his rendition of Old Shep at the Tupelo fairgrounds … would we recognise his voice? And then follow him through the applauding audience down to his parents, hear him talk to Gladys who would sound so proud … Yes, I think I would chose that, because something started that day. Thank you Ty for a great what if question … and a great blog too!


  5. Thank you, everyone, for the great responses! By the way, Thomas (elvistoday)’s remarks represent comment #1,000 on The Mystery Train Blog. It seems like he should get a prize or something, right? I’m thinking a lifetime ticket.

    I suppose it’s only fair that I now share what I would record. It was actually thinking about this a couple of weeks ago that inspired me to make this post. In fact, it is right along the lines of Nondisposable Johnny’s comment.

    I would like to record Elvis on Thursday, July 8, 1954 – just three days after recording “That’s All Right.” As Johnny noted, his parents had just pulled him out of the movie theater because Dewey Phillips had been playing his song over and over on Memphis radio station WHBQ and wanted to speak with him.

    I’d want my ten minutes to include his interview with Dewey Phillips, when he didn’t even know he was on the air, as well as any other initial reactions he had to hearing his first song on the radio. How incredible it would be to hear those historic moments.


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