No particular place to go

All right, this will be one of those off-the-top-of-my-head posts – so who knows what you’re gonna get out of reading this.

I’m just sitting here on a rainy Saturday afternoon listening to Elvis.

Blue HawaiiI’m getting back into vinyl after pretty much being all CDs all the time for the last twenty years. I pulled out my old collection, and the first one I played was Blue Hawaii.

I couldn’t believe how incredible it sounded on record. I sense a new obsession coming on.

The good thing is, I already have about 25 LPs and 25 45s from the old days before I had a CD player, so those should tide me over for awhile.

* * *

So, there were a bunch of great posts around the web for Elvis Week 2012. My favorite was probably Indisposable Johnny’s “When Elvis Moved On” over on The Round Place In The Middle blog. If you haven’t already, be sure to read it.

One post that I didn’t want to read because I knew what was coming was “Treat Me Nice”, a farewell of sorts by Thomas Melin over on his Elvis Today Blog. After five years and 500 posts, he’s taking an indefinite break from blogging about Elvis in order to spend more time with his family. It’s hard to fault him for that. I’m sure gonna miss his posts, though. Best wishes to Thomas.

While Thomas’ absence leaves a huge void, all is not lost. For instance, Sheila O’Malley continues her excellent series of Elvis Essays on The Sheila Variations blog. Meanwhile, artist Joe Petruccio just began a brand new blog called My Elvis Journal. Petruccio’s unique posts are definitely worth checking out.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

* * *

August 28 Update: I’ve just found that there is yet another new Elvis blog, and it’s one I definitely want to mention. Elvis audio expert and frequent For Elvis CD Collectors Forum poster elvissessions recently began, which will cover “Elvis Presley in the studio — and beyond.”

I love his informative FECC posts, so I’m looking forward to following elvissessions’ blog. Here’s a recent entry about obtaining Ernst Jorgensen’s autograph on his copy of A Boy From Tupelo during Elvis Week 2012.

Speaking of FTD’s mammoth SUN project, my copy will supposedly be in the mail this week. No autographs, though. I guess that’s one of the many perks of being in Memphis during Elvis Week. Either way, I can hardly wait for this release.

4 thoughts on “No particular place to go

  1. What no Blue Hawaii 1st Pressing in Living Stereo? Taking a break from CD’s and MP3 players is a fantastic idea but be careful, you might be increasing your vinyl collection quickly.


    • Haha, nope! Mine is a circa-1988 edition.

      Funny you should mention that, though, as my goal is to obtain 1st pressings of my favorite albums. I can definitely see the collection growing fast. I always seem to be running out of storage space around here.

      The sound difference is much more apparent than I was expecting. Based on limited playings so far, though. My ears could be playing tricks on me.


      • Had same plan… only my favorite albums. Then had to have all the US pressings of Elvis’ albums when he was alive. Another collector mentioned, “Thanks to the efforts of the Colonel and his staff some releases contained bonus photos, which could be found with some of his records or distributed by the retail stores.” I told him “thanks but no thanks” I’m only interested in his music not photos. A friend gave me the King Creole 8×10 BW photo showing Elvis in his army uniform record stores gave out to people who bought the album. I think you can guess what happened next. Did I mention some record labels and covers have different variations?


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