Elvis Trivialities #14

Welcome to Elvis Trivialities.

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Your question is…

What was the first Elvis Presley album to receive a Grammy nomination?

The first person to answer this question correctly in the comments below will take home the ultimate trophy – bragging rights.

Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Elvis Trivialities #14

  1. ….actually I read your question wrong and thus originally answered with the first Grammy award Elvis WON (Best Sacred Performance for the album How Great Thou Art (1967)) ….however he was actually nominated for three Grammy awards in 1958, but didn’t win any of them….one Grammy nomination for “A Fool Such As I” (Record of The Year) and two nominations for “A Big Hunk of Love” (Best Performance by A Top 40 Artist and Best R&B Performance)…


  2. Thanks for playing, everyone. The answer is not How Great Thou Art, G.I. Blues, or any of the other answers given so far. Keep trying!

    Hint: Read the question carefully.


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