“Elvis Song Of The Year” for 2013

According to iTunes, out of 3,572 unique Elvis tracks in my collection, the one I played most often in 2013 was “Stay Away,” the flip side of “U.S. Male” in 1968. I played the track 22 times.

Based on the traditional melody of “Greensleeves,” which also inspired the 19th century Christmas classic “What Child Is This,” “Stay Away” played over the opening titles of Stay Away, Joe, Elvis’ 26th movie.

Considering how little time I have had for this blog lately, “Stay Away” indeed seems like the perfect Elvis song to represent 2013 for me.

Stay Away (1968)

Stay Away (1968)

I listened to 8,499 Elvis songs using iTunes or my iPods in 2013 (including duplicates). That is an average of 23 Elvis songs a day. I listened to 2,353 different Elvis tracks during the year.

Out of 3,700 non-Elvis tracks in my collection, my most played piece in 2013 was Michael Giacchino’s “Spock Drops, Kirk Jumps,” from his 2013 Star Trek Into Darkness film score. I played that one 26 times.

Among vocal performances, the non-Elvis track I played most was 2008’s “All I Want” by Darius Rucker (20 plays), from his Learn To Live album.

Overall, I listened to 12,629 songs using iTunes or my iPods this year. That works out to 35 songs a day.

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Thank you for reading. May 2014 be your best year yet!

9 thoughts on ““Elvis Song Of The Year” for 2013

  1. Don’t have the statistics to support it but last year being primarily on Elvis’ 60’s recordings, I’d have to say my #1 song played most often was “Gentle On My Mind.” For non-Elvis would be John Lennon’s “#9 Dream.”

    I wish everybody a very Happy New Year!


    • Let’s see… I played “Gentle On My Mind” (From Elvis In Memphis) 15 times last year. I don’t have the Lennon song you mentioned, but the Beatles version of “Lady Madonna” clocked in at 19 plays.


  2. Always great to hear from you, Ty. Surprised to hear your ‘most played’ was “Stay Away” although I gotta say I love this tune. Another example of a ‘diamond in the rough’: a great song in a crazy film (“So Close…” from “Harum…”). And “Gentle on My Mind”? Fantastic tune. Ready for Elvis Week 2014?! #bringit


  3. How fascinating – I should do that, see which one I listen to most. I think the results are skewed because I listen to him when I’m working out, so I have “My Baby Left Me” on eternal repeat because it has a good beat. Although, hell, “My Baby Left Me” is one of my favorite tracks of his ever so maybe that’s appropriate!


    • I checked my stats for the studio version of “My Baby Left Me” in 2013, and I was surprised to find that I only played it 6 times. It’s definitely one of my 50 favorite Elvis songs. Most of my digital music listening is partially random, though.

      By request, I created an Elvis Workout playlist a few years ago. “My Baby Left Me” made the cut.

      Since a slow song like “Stay Away” dominated over the rockin’ “My Baby Left Me,” this could be taken as a sign, then, that I did not get enough exercise in 2013!

      Thanks for commenting, Sheila. Here’s hoping you have a great 2014!


      • Yeah, just that opener of the song – the drums, the stepping-stone downward notes of the bass – and then the guitar coming in, followed by Elvis’ wailing voice. It’s just an electric track!!

        Happy new year to you too!!


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