Elvis Mania 2014 Tournament: Create your bracket predictions

[March 18, 2014, Update: Predictions are now locked.]

I spend much time on The Mystery Train Blog giving my opinion of all things Elvis. Now, readers have a chance to stake out their own positions.

Introducing the Elvis Mania 2014 tournament. Sixty-four selections will compete for the title of Best Elvis Song, with readers of The Mystery Train Blog choosing winners in each round. Voting begins tomorrow evening (March 18), so now is your chance to fill out a bracket and lock in your predictions using the link below.

Go to the Elvis Mania 2014 Tournament page on challonge.com

At the end of the tournament, the person with the highest score will receive a Sony Legacy Edition CD of an Elvis title, courtesy of The Mystery Train Blog. The tie-breakers will be number of correct picks and order in which predictions were locked. Though I have created a predictions bracket for fun, the CD will simply go to second place should I happen to achieve the highest score.

Good luck!

Who will win Elvis Mania 2014?

Who will win Elvis Mania 2014?