Elvis Mania 2014 Tournament: Round 1 Begins

The Mystery Train BlogPredictions have been locked in, so now it is time to begin The Mystery Train Blog’s Elvis Mania 2014 tournament! The tournament will award the title of Best Elvis Song, based on your votes.

Round 1 pits 64 Elvis songs against one another. Vote for your favorite in each of the 32 matches below. If you have difficulty viewing the embedded version of the matchups, access them directly using this link.

Anyone can vote, not just those who made predictions. You do not have to register.

Round 1 voting will end in three days, on the evening of Friday, March 21.

[March 21, 2014, Update: Round 1 voting is now closed.]

6 thoughts on “Elvis Mania 2014 Tournament: Round 1 Begins

  1. this is just not fair, you simply can’t put two great songs vs another, I’m not going to be fooled by this silly thing, and above all it’s so stupid to think of just one great Elvis song, you could have done with his worst song, but not with his best…there are just too many, to name one would be a crime, remember that crime doesn’t pay!


    • I’m the happiest guy!
      And life is sweet as cherry cream pie!
      Well, heaven and earth are now all mine!
      I’ve jumped to the moon from cloud number nine…You keep having fun following your dreams of yesterday to the edge of reality Thomas!


  2. Just wanted you to know that I am watching the results….couldn’t get it to work for me…but am enjoying it anyhow! One of my all time favs and my # one now….’Are You Lonesome Tonight?’ is still in the running. Surprised a tad! TCB


    • Thanks, Clementine. When you say that it wouldn’t work for you, are you referring to locking in predictions? Or to voting? While predictions are done, there are still a few rounds of voting left to go, so I’m hoping you’ll be able to at least participate in that aspect. Please feel free to shoot me an email if you need any assistance.


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