Reserve your seat now for ELVIS: THAT’S THE WAY IT IS – SPECIAL EDITION, coming to US theaters in August



As hoped, Warner Brothers is bringing a newly restored version of Elvis: That’s The Way It Is – Special Edition to theaters across the United States in August. Playing in 40 states, the limited engagement promotes the August 12 release of the documentary on Blu-ray.

Elvis: That’s The Way It Is was a 1970 MGM documentary that captured Elvis on stage and off during his third concert series at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. In 2000, the “Special Edition,” a completely new edit of the film, made its debut in Memphis. It hit stores the following year on VHS and DVD. The Special Edition used elements of the original movie as well as previously unseen footage. In some ways, it was an improvement upon the theatrical version, while in other ways, it was inferior.

For the purposes of this 2014 theatrical screening, Elvis: That’s The Way It Is – Special Edition is admittedly the best choice for sharing with the “general public” and even casual Elvis fans. After the previously announced August 16 premiere at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis, other US theaters will begin showing the film the week of August 17.

This will mark the third time I have seen Elvis in theaters, dating back to an edit of the ELVIS “Comeback Special” in 2004 and Elvis On Tour in 2010. Each of those previous times, I remember thinking, “This is great, but I really wish I could see That’s The Way It Is like this.”

For me, That’s The Way It Is represents Elvis Presley at his very best. I was only two when Elvis passed away, so he was gone before I ever had a chance to see him in concert. This is a dream-come-true, next best thing for me. I can’t wait! Accept no imitations. This is the real deal.

Be sure to check out the brand-new trailer below or over on

4 thoughts on “Reserve your seat now for ELVIS: THAT’S THE WAY IT IS – SPECIAL EDITION, coming to US theaters in August

  1. Hi Ty!! I feel the same! I read about this on Monday, and cheered me up!! Liked Seeing On Tour in theatres but like u said this is Elvis at his best, this movie made me an Elvis fan for Life!! I do miss Sweet Caroline from original and especially the ending of Suspicious Minds from original, with him following the drum roll with his shoulders, wish the would have left that in!! Remember seeing the Special Edition on Turner Classic Movies when it first came out, it was like a party for me! Was so happy I almost cried! Lol! But on the big screen this is gonna Rock!! I just hope the sound is better, when I seen On Tour in theatre, the sound was very muffled and low sounding, But I can’t wait!! Wish they would have more notices out there to the general public, more promotion of this great Event!! Like I told a friend, if u watch this film and are not an Elvis Fan at the end..There’s something wrong!! Take Care Ty!! ⚡️TCB⚡️


    • George, it was much the same for me when it came to the televised debut of the Special Edition back in 2001. I remember being annoyed in 2000, though, that it did not have a wider theatrical release in terms of cities – nowhere near as many as it has this time. However, back then, it had other showings across the world, which does not yet seem to be the case here in 2014. I think the US is “due” this one, though. Between this, the 10-disc boxed set, and the Blu-ray…part of me still can’t believe it!

      As far as promotion, I think it is a good sign that a trailer and a poster were commissioned. That means the possibility of them appearing at least at designated theaters. The trailer appearing at USA Today is no small deal, either.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Hey Ty – trust me, you’ll LOVE seeing TTWII – SE on the big screen! Of course I am too young to have ever seen Elvis’ movies in movie theaters when they were originally released, so my first taste of Elvis on the big screen was the premiere of TTWII – SE in Memphis at the Orpheum Theater in 2000 during Elvis Week!! Words cannot express what it was like for me to see Elvis on the big screen, gyrating to the thumping beat of MYSTERY TRAIN/TIGER MAN during the opening sequence!! No doubt you will also have the same feeling!!

    ENJOY my friend!!


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