2020 Songs of the Year

Thank you for riding The Mystery Train. Welcome to 2021!

Every year at about this time, I like to unleash my analytical side on my digital music data.

According to iTunes, out of 4,797 Elvis Presley tracks in my digital collection, the one I played most often in 2020 across all devices was a live recording of “Mystery Train/Tiger Man” from the August 22, 1969, Midnight Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, as released on Disc 3 of Elvis Live 1969. I played this rockin’ track 17 times, making it my fifth-most played song of the year overall. Here it is on YouTube:

Credit: Elvis Presley channel (YouTube)

I listened to 7,059 Elvis songs on my devices in 2020 (including duplicates). That is an average of 19 Elvis songs a day. I listened to 2,221 different Elvis tracks during the year.

One of 6,454 non-Elvis tracks in my collection, my most played song overall in 2020 was Jesus Culture‘s “Break Every Chain,” with lead vocals by Kristene DiMarco. Featured on the 2011 album Awakening – Live From Chicago, this live recording played 27 times on my various devices this year. Again from YouTube, here it is:

Credit: Jesus Culture channel (YouTube)

The other three songs that beat out Elvis in number of plays in 2020 for me were:

  • It Is Well With My Soul” by Bethel Music, also featuring lead vocals by DiMarco, Live At The Civic: You Make Me Brave, 2014, 21 plays.
  • Oh Happy Day” by The Edwin Hawkins Singers, Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord, 1968, 18 plays.
  • Burn The Ships” by for KING & COUNTRY, Burn The Ships, 2018, 18 plays.

Overall, I listened to 11,650 recordings using my digital devices this year. That works out to 32 songs a day. I listened to 4,621 different tracks during the year.

2020 was a challenging year for everyone, full of surprises. As a new year dawns, I pray that all of you have health, peace, and strength.


“I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”
Isaiah 43:19

8 thoughts on “2020 Songs of the Year

  1. Happy New Year my brother!! 🥂🎉

    Looking forward to some great new Elvis discussions this year! Hopefully we will continue to be treated with some great releases from RCA & FTD, as well!!

    Let’s roll this train into 2021!
    TCB! 😎

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  2. This was interesting and different. But, I have question. Why do we need to give our email address just to do a “Like?” I get it on comments, but why make folks go through extra steps to just Like a post? Phil Arnold


    • Thanks, Phil. I don’t know why WordPress.com, which powers this site, requires what it does for likes. I suspect it is to stop the likes from being artificially inflated or to prevent some other kind of abuse. Allowing for fully anonymous likes doesn’t seem to be a setting I can control at my current hosting package level. I don’t worry about things beyond my control. Have a blessed day!


  3. My wife and I just played “Break Every Chain” and loved it. It’s one of her favourites. I’m still sadly dealing with the fact that, when I went to a MacBook from a PC, all my music doesn’t fit on my MacBook.

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    • “Break Every Chain” by Jesus Culture is a very special song for me. I played it a whopping 206 times back in 2019! By far the record holder for me when it comes to most plays in a year.


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