Elvis Trivialities #1 stumps the whole train

No one correctly answered Elvis Trivialities #1, which means I get to keep this set of bragging rights. And the answer is…

Ned Miller said the following:

I remember going out and buying the album, From Memphis To Vegas, which included “From A Jack To A King.” I brought it home, played it and I was blown away. It thrilled me to death. I thought, I guess I’m a better writer than I thought I was. His version is my favorite, even more than mine. I was just a fan of Elvis, that’s all.”

Source: Writing For The King: The Stories Of The Songwriters by Ken Sharp, FTD Books, Denmark, 2006.

Elvis’ recording of “From A Jack To A King” first appeared on the Back In Memphis portion of From Memphis To Vegas/From Vegas To Memphis. In addition, takes 1, 2, and 3 of the song can be heard on the FTD release Memphis Sessions.

Ned Miller also wrote “Dark Moon,” which Elvis informally recorded. The home recording of the song first appeared on A Golden Celebration.

Next time, I’ll apparently have to make the question a little easier for you folks. Thanks for playing.