Elvis’ latest single . . . wow!

Thanks to a YouTube link posted on the sidebar of the Elvis Today blog, I just heard the Viva Elvis remix version of “Suspicious Minds” for the first time.

To say the least, it was incredible. Viva Elvis-The Album has now gone from being a release I was mildly interested in to a must-have due to this fantastic, modern-sounding version of “Suspicious Minds.”

Do not take “remix” the wrong way. This is not a sound-effects-filled dance remix like the JXL version of “A Little Less Conversation” (which, incidentally, I loved), but instead is a fresh take on the background to the original vocals – sounding closer to what one might imagine an Elvis song would be like if he recorded in 2010.

The album hits stores in November, though the “Suspicious Minds” single is apparently out in some locations now.

This may be yet another game-changer for the Elvis legacy.